Copenhagen is Utilizing Sustainability

One our last day in Copenhagen, we continued our trend of visiting innovative companies. Dong energy was our first and only stop for the day before departing to Oslo. Dong Energy is a Danish run energy company that was created out of the merger of six smaller companies when Denmark wanted to compete on a global level. They initially started with oil and energy sales, but in recent years have expanded into clean renewable energy. What they are planning to focus on is their wind turbine business. When we had visited they were in discussions to sell their oil business so that way their financial assets could be fully utilized for wind energy.

Forty percent of Denmark's energy grid is supplied by wind. In combination with hydro and solar the usefulness of such energies becomes more practical. When we compare the United States, the majority of our energy comes from coal and natural gas. The coal industry in particular has not been utilized in the Scandinavian countries that we have visited: Sweden, Denmark, or Norway. This has helped to distinguish them as green countries that are working towards a sustainable future and society.

As we continue to visit other companies and how they tie themselves to the similar theme of sustainability, we wonder how the United States will evolve over the next couple of decades. Sustainability is becoming a large part of the company culture and even at an individual level; yet when compared to Sweden, Denmark or Norway there is still a lot that we can learn. The future of sustainable energy seems great for the US, but we can always look to our neighbors in Scandinavia to help guide us forward.

Team 17-4