Copenhagen: the happiest city in the world.

Nyhavn: canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen is the most beautiful view of this trip!

Last but not least, Denmark is our final destination for this business trip. As linked to Malmo, located in the Southern of Sweden, we actually visited different businesses in both Copenhagen and Malmo within two days. Our most interesting trip is visiting Maersk A/S, also known as A.P Moller.

Adrineh and Tai at Maersk

Being in the shipping industry since 1996, Maersk is the largest Danish company which focuses on transportation, logistics and energy sector company. At the starting point, the company was a conglomerate with various individual BUs. Even though it performance well individually, the business actually had not growth yet. as foreseen the reshape of the business by the digital revolution, the global trade growth, and the energy transition, in 2016, there is a transition to a new CEO. Since that turning point, the company has been reshaping to be the global integrator of container logistics with the promise to offer end-to end service for their customers in a simplified and connected supply chain. In order to fulfil the demand, its internal consulting is actually setups which also acts as a viable alternative to external management consultancies.

Maersk actually understands the business trend and willing to change to be sustainable in the market.

MBA and MSA chapman and our best professors with amazing Maersk speakers!

Even with limited amount of time in this beautiful country, we also tried to make time to explore Danish culture. The most impressive thing when we come to this beautiful coastal island city is that Copenhagen is well known as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Denmark is known for being one of the largest producers of windmills. This showed the countries value as a whole is to be eco-friendly, which ties into many of the businesses we met that showed significant sustainability with helping the environment.

Spending 4 hours driving a bike to explore the city is the highlight of this trip!

Politeness and simple life are another Danish culture we have noticed when we went to the Vietnamese Restaurant. The owner is a Vietnamese guy who has been living in Denmark for more than 25 years. He shared with us that Danish actually feel satisfied with their life and their welfare system. Also, they really care about their lifestyle such as he does put his style to decorate the restaurant and make the food that actually can bring true happiness and satisfaction for every customer.

The best Pho I ever had since the day I left Vietnam. The owner said he had to spend 2 years to learn how to make all the dishes. He actually imports the noodle from the best noodle factory in Vietnam. The Vietnamese should be in your list if you look for some Asian food while visiting this city!

Generally, Copenhagen is seen as the peak time for us thanks to all the beautiful attractions and the living feeling of Danish! We really enjoy the time in this happy city!

Chapman girls 💪