Conversionista – “Convert visitors into customers”


Conversionista! is a company that helps clients improve online conversion with a structured approach to designing, setting, implementing and following up conversion targets for their online audiences. When I first visit their website, I was caught by the red theme color and their slogan in Swedish “Gör besökare till under” which means to convert visitors into customers. Basically, their main objective is Conversion rate Optimization (CRO) that increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers.


The speaker showed us a fun video which was about an awareness test. About over 70% people did't even notice the people standing behind info desk are different. It implies that sometimes people just focus on their own business without realizing what's going wrong with the world or in themselves. It reflects the concept that “what you think users do on your site, what they think they do and what they actually do?” This is about the importance of self insight, to figure out the useful information among the era of information.

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Like the speaker in SAAB Technology said before, you need to love the finance and data, because data-driven is important, things like social media, security, newsfeed , interface, web design and so on are all related to it. But more importantly, today is in the “talent” era instead of production/technology or marketing/sales. You need to use your brain to think about it, to be brain-driven. First step is to discover your customer, to know what is their motivation, then, to understand customers' behavior and increase retention, to understand what happens in the visitor's brain. And in the meantime of making emotional decision, we need to find rational explanations.


WeChat_1465423455There are several impressive details that attracted me. First is their distinctive background color, red. Thus every time when I heard the brand conversionista, it will remind me their logo. Second, they wrote some “cute” words on bananas like “eat me, peel me or share me…” It personalizes the food that in some ways it delights people and arouses our positive emotional feelings about the brand. In addition, the different colors of water, “mana” and “healthy”, caught our eyeballs and  occupied people's time to discuss about it. I even googled the meaning of the word mana. These are good tricks that attract visitors and convert them into customers. All in all, the company is a passionate optimizer. And the last takeaway I learned from this company:


Goals+Ability+Attitude=Growth System!