Broads Abroad


Mollie and Nika
Your Two Broads Abroad

Hi everyone!

Mollie and Nika here live from Chapman University getting ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.  We are both Southern California natives and we just finished our first year at Chapman in the MBA program! We are excited to experience the Scandanvian  culture in every way.

When we think of Scandinavia, we most Americans picture cities filled with tall blonde beautiful people and Swedish Fish. Over the next two weeks we will report to you the truth about Scandinavia. What are Lingonberries? We thought the same thing. They are a small red berry that grows on low bush like plant in cold forest type environments. In Sweden we are ready to try Lingonberries on everything! And we cannot wait to eat Swedish meatballs! YUM! Can you pronounce Porkkanalaatikko? That is a carrot casserole dish that they serve in Finland. We will let you know how that tastes. We are definitely huge fans of ABBA and the Mamma Mia Musical (Sweden has an ABBA Museum) and hope to visit that as well. Hope are you excited to follow us abroad.

Continue to follow us on our trip as we go abroad and report to you about the Scandinavia tourism industry and customer service standards. We are excited to see what they do better, the same or worse from the tourism industry here in America. Look for our next post when we are in Gothenburg, Sweden!

Wisdom has long beards and short tongue -Swedish Proverb