Baking Sweetness into Scandinavia

‘Baking with History'

This is the motto of Sweden's oldest large-scale bakery, Pagen, in business since 1878. It was started in by a husband and wife team, who baked their bread and sold in the Tallgatan in Malmo. Anders Pahlsson who was a carpenter before becoming a baker; he was given an ultimatum to choose between carpentry or baking. Anders chose baking. With the help of his wife, Matilda, he build the company that is still in his family.


At Pagen HQ and baking. 

Pagen bakes breads, cookies, and pastries and ships them to the Scandinavian countries. Their name is known Sweden but it was not until 1950s when the bakery start to ship to the rest of Europe. One of the most popular item that is ship internationally is ‘Gifflar‘ Cinnamon pastries. The sweet cinnamon bread is so popular that it is a featured item in local US Ikea. The delicious snack is synonymous with Sweden and when a consumer is eating the snack; they will think of Sweden.

Baking with the Environment

Pagen is proud to produce delicious breads, cookies, and pastries. In addition to the quality baked goods, the company works hard in keeping their method green and sustainable. The company uses local farmers for raw materials and baking ingredients,  this helps reduce the carbon foot print from sourcing out of the country. The two bakeries are upgrading to help reduce the carbon emissions; creating a cleaner and leaner manufacturing process. The bakeries can proudly say they have reduced emission by 15% in 2016! If you look into the company's website, you will find creative ways to use the ends of the breads. Pagen advises their consumers to ‘make breadcrumbs, use it in your cooking, toast the bread, feed the birds, or Make Swedish toast' from the ends. Pagen promotes a zero waste initiative.

Sweet Scandinavia

With Pagen goodie bags

Pagen clearly is an extraordinary example of Sweden's high standards and teamwork mentality.  Every step used to produce their goods is heart-warming.  I will have to admit that I have a huge sweet tooth; visiting a bakery whose goal is to produce high quality baked good and socially responsible was an ideal ‘treat'!

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