5 Countries in 18 Days… (But Who’s Really Counting)

In starting my Chapman EMBA degree, I could have gone two directions; plow through, graduate, and hope my current company gives opportunities after. Or take in every experience the program has to offer, which one do you think I picked? Obviously the later!

Through the Arygous Business school, I can go on international business trip to various countries to see different industries and commerces that shaped the countries. In between I can see the various cultures and historical site (I tend to veer toward the castles; the town and cities with medieval histories).

In the upcoming 18 days or so, I have the privilege to visit Prague, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and France!

“Really?!?” You ask.

Yes, really!!!! I am taking this opportunity to research and understand the ins and outs of Scandinavian business focusing on manufacturing and distribution.

For more pictures and details of my trip, you can check out my Instgram @The_Nguyen_Perspective.