The Future of Transportation

On the first day of our trip to Stockholm we had the pleasure of visiting Einride, a technology company with their sights set on innovating the transportation industry with their zero emission, self driving semi trucks. We were given a very interesting presentation from Christofer Laurell, SVP, Research and Public Affairs at the company. Overall, This topic specifically really intrigued me as this is an industry in which I currently work in. With that being said I found that a lot of the issues that Einride is trying to solve are real issues that the trucking industry faces on a day to day basis. Einride plans to completely revolutionize the way that goods are transported on ground. They designed a fully autonomous and electric semi truck that is still able to be controlled by a licensed Class A professional driver from the comfort of their home and/or office based on how their company decides to structure it. By being able to drive the trucks remotely the company plans to make trucking more “attractive” and we believe this is the best way to get that point across.  These trucks will have a 650 KM range and are already in the United States, Sweden, and some other countries. The aim with these electric trucks are to replace diesel and to lower global emissions as 7% of all global emissions are due to trucking. These are two daunting tasks but Einride is facing them head on and seems like the “real deal” to me. One thing that stuck out the most to me during Christofers presentation was the insane statistics of the lack of truck drivers throughout the world. First off, this is a very well known issue in the United States as see “WANTED CLASS A DRIVER SIGNS” all over the place. But we found it very interesting to see that this extends outside of the United States into other countries. What is even scarier than that is the projections of what is to come for the trucking field when it comes to lack of drivers. There is currently a need for over 100k Class A truck drivers in the United States and United Kingdom with over 50k in Germany and more throughout the world. But this is not the worst of it, the projections show that there will be a 300% deficit of drivers worldwide by the year 2050. With the implementation of Einride’s remote pod operating system this is an issue that could be completely out of the picture. How you may ask? Well that is due to 1 driver being able to operate up to 10 trucks. This is the biggest and baddest innovation that trucking has ever seen and this is just the beginning of a snowball of more innovations to come.