Tack-you Sweden

Hello from Gothenburg! During our last stop through Sweden, we have found ourselves in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. In such a short amount of time we have explored and obtained a vast knowledge of the Scandinavian outlook on business throughout our visits to numerous companies. We have been beyond lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of this travel course and meet industry leaders who are innovating the world. 

Today we not only revisited the idea behind innovation, however, we took a look at innovation through digitalization around the world. We meet with the president from the media company Zooma, Anders Bjorklund. He shared his perspective on the direction we are heading in from a marketing and advertising standpoint. He stressed the importance of having a strong knowledge to back each course of action you make. As a marketer you should make sure you are able to know the answer behind how and why to explain what you are doing to others. Zooma’s mission is to “become redundant.” They work towards the onlinification of brands who need assistance in moving toward the digital world.

Anders spoke about how he felt it was important for customers to learn from Zooma’s services and be able to adapt it themselves. Trust plays a key role for the company, and they reflect that in their relationships between clients and staff. This can be mirrored through the way in which they look to hire employees. The company looks for applicants that possess skills in a manner that would portray them as “nerdy.” Anders hope for the future at Zooma is to eliminate positions within the company and title every member as a “Zoomer.” This requires every employee to be experienced in all aspects of the business which allows for a more cohesive work environment. 

Digitalization in the modern era is crucial in remaining up to date with information. Companies are constantly improving their media marketing strategies in an effort to expand their target audience. This shift towards full digitalization is a common theme worldwide. The ideas discuss by the president at Zooma are similar to movements many companies in the United States are making as well. This is a commonality among all companies looking to grow in today’s day and age. Between America and Scandinavia, both countries have an emphasized importance towards the digital age. As we move toward the future there is more of an imminent need for the guidance in migrating into a digital platform. During Covid, all companies that lacked an online presence had the inability to make sales and progress during the times. Overall, the need for the innovation behind digitalization is important worldwide and Zooma offers the services that all countries in the world could relate to.