During our visit to Stockholm University, we met with a marketing professor who discussed marketing concepts that underlie the strategies companies employ in the advertisements I am exposed to on a daily basis. These strategies revolve around the concept of country mythologies: the beliefs that other countries possess about the culture of a particular country. […]

Stockholm-Away-From-Home University

On Friday, June 2nd 2022 we had the opportunity to visit Stockholm University. We were greeted by Professor Jacob Ostberg who specializes in teaching marketing and advertising. Stockholm University is regarded as one of the top 100 universities in the world. We got to visit the newer campus part of campus where construction is still […]

Stockholm University: The Impact of Cultural Projections from Outside Perspectives

On Wednesday June 3rd, we had the opportunity to meet with Professor Jacob Östberg, PhD, at Stockholm University, Stockholm’s first modern university to cut religious connections to education. As far as business schools go, Stockholm business school studies business from a social science perspective and focuses more on the societal role that companies play in […]

Swede Life Back In School

Today we had the chance to explore the Scandinavian perspective of higher education and business school within Stockholm University. As Stockholm’s first “modern” university, we got the chance to walk through parts of campus and live our college experience from within Europe. The university has been around since the 60’s and provides free education for […]