Sinch – Defying Odds Just Like the Bumblebee

We had the amazing privilege of visiting the telecommunications / cloud communications company Sinch at their headquarters in Stockholm. Here we were able to walk around the office space and get an inside look as to how the company operates. Tech companies are well known for their modern interior design and Sinch was no exception. […]

Cutting the corporate bullsh!t, Swedish style

While visiting companies in Sweden, we found there to be a great difference in company culture versus the United States, with a prominent factor being that many organizations are flat, rather than hierarchical, with an open and empowering culture. There’s a great push for everyone to share their ideas, and no one’s opinion is lesser […]

ABBA-soluteley Innovative

We had the opportunity to visit the company Sinch today on this beautiful rainy day. Sinch is a cloud-based communication platform that sends people personal and interactive text messages from companies. Businesses can send out memos to customers using Sinch’s automated services. Some of these messages entail things such as reminders or confirmations. Walking through […]