[Ein]Ride into the Future

Einride is a Swedish transport company based in Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in electric and self-driving vehicles, known as Einride pods. When visiting the company, we were able to learn about Einride’s motivation to create sustainable, environmentally friendly, and advanced technology to provide new job opportunities and create a game changer in the world of […]

The Future of Transportation

On the first day of our trip to Stockholm we had the pleasure of visiting Einride, a technology company with their sights set on innovating the transportation industry with their zero emission, self driving semi trucks. We were given a very interesting presentation from Christofer Laurell, SVP, Research and Public Affairs at the company. Overall, […]

Innovation for the Future at Einride

On our first day of business visits in Sweden, we had the pleasure of hearing from Christofer Laurell, SVP, Research and Public Affairs at Einride, whose passion for the company was rather noteworthy. Einride is a freight transport company with big plans for electric and self-driving vehicles, referred to as “pods,” placing emphasis on “clean, […]

Green Trucking with Einride

On our first day in Stockholm, we visited Riksbank, the central bank of Sweden, and Einride, a tech start-up that has developed means to revolutionize the way we transport goods. Einride is capable of completely changing our current system of moving goods across land. They make electric, autonomous “pods” that can carry a shipping container […]