Stockholm-Away-From-Home University

On Friday, June 2nd 2022 we had the opportunity to visit Stockholm University. We were greeted by Professor Jacob Ostberg who specializes in teaching marketing and advertising.

Stockholm University is regarded as one of the top 100 universities in the world. We got to visit the newer campus part of campus where construction is still being done. The buildings have better infrastructure with multiple technology and resource upgrades than the previously mentioned older campus across the street. As we toured the campus we noticed how each classroom consisted of an ultra-modern design with tables, chairs, and screens directed to the center of the room. Outside of the learning rooms was an open area with multiple floors that brought depth and functionality to the builder where students could take advantage of study rooms, tables, and benches.

During Professor Ostberg's lectures, we learned about a culturally constituted world and how it relates to the transfer of consumer goods and individual consumer. We covered place marketing approaches and the differences between intranational and international marketing techniques. What was really interesting about this concept was the 4 channels of intended markets which included provincial, pseudo international, national, and cosmopolitan placement channels. For example, pseudo international marketing carries the idea that brand appeal can be found elsewhere and how national brands can claim lineage to some vague notion of heritage and internationalness from other cities and countries. Professor Ostberg also talked about how companies use mythologies to their advantage by portraying a sense of disguise and culture through different themes, logos, and mottos. Each place marketing approach had their own unique characteristics and descriptions which highlighted the differentiation between the four channels.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to visit a prestigious international campus. We were able to learn about campus history, marketing, advertising, cultural norms, and even the Swedish schooling system. We're both glad to not only tour the university but explore different parts of Stockholm as well. It was our first time visiting an international university and it was a unique experience to be in a classroom setting that wasn't part of Chapman's campus.