Sinch – Defying Odds Just Like the Bumblebee

We had the amazing privilege of visiting the telecommunications / cloud communications company Sinch at their headquarters in Stockholm. Here we were able to walk around the office space and get an inside look as to how the company operates. Tech companies are well known for their modern interior design and Sinch was no exception. The futuristic layout of their headquarters provided the perfect space for innovation to thrive. Meeting with CMO Jonathan Bean gave us the opportunity to learn more about the company first hand and how they became and continue to be so successful. 

I could go on and on about the complexity of what the company actually does since it is so highly intellectual and embedded in all of our daily lives. Anything from voice memos, iMessages, Instagram direct messages, and many more are all communicated through Sinch. However, the notable quality about the company that stood out to me was the work culture within the company. Considering their business is booming as they work alongside very well known companies, you would think that the employees and especially chief officers would be somewhat arrogant. This was most definitely not the case. There was no hierarchy within the company at Sinch. Jonathan Bean who is the Chief Marketing Executive told us that he had to pull rank for the first time working there just to make sure he had a conference room for our class to sit in. If an employee ever travels for work, they have to fly coach. This includes the CEO and any higher executives. It is very important for them to act with humility and respect for one another. I think this is such an amazing way to run a business. Clearly, their way of operating has been extremely successful for them. As we were leaving the office, Professor Myhr started chatting with a current employee and asked if she was angry in any way about the fact that Sinch is not as well known as they should be considering the level of work that they do. She replied, “one day people will know the name Sinch and it will be worth it.” What an inspiring perspective to have as compared to most US tech companies that need to be number one as soon as possible and get as much publicity as possible. Sinch is defying odds just like a bumblebee whose wings should not be able to carry the weight of its body.