Saab- Cutting-Edge Military Technology with a Cultural Lens

The company Saab is a well-known aerospace and defense company, and its core product segments are land, naval, air, and security.  Saab collaborates with a wide range of businesses and countries. Understanding the cultures of different countries is highly important to ensure clear and effective communication to avoid delays with business contracts. It might be challenging to deliver things when there is unclear communication or ambiguity. One example is when Saab completed a project for a specific country (the information must stay confidential per Saab), but due to a lack of clear communication, it became impossible to finalize the payment.

Caption: Drs. Niklas Myhr and Gokcen Coskuner-Balli, and MBA students from Chapman University

Another cultural distinction is that in a work setting, the Swedes are quite affectionate. When interacting on a professional level, they give hugs instead of strong handshakes. In comparison to the United States, the United States does not give hugs and instead prefers firm handshakes or a tap on the shoulder. Another cultural difference was that the presenter gave the MBA students some professional advise and emphasized the importance of understanding various cultures. This was in stark contrast to the United States, where people either do not give advice or do so infrequently.

Caption: Briana Sara, Dr. Gokcen Coskuner-Balli, and Sarah Ramirez

Learning about the military products supplied on a global basis was impressive, and the global impact they have. Presently, 2% of the GDP is from the defense system. Also, there is a growing demand for military defense products as compared to prior years. Furthermore, Saab offered some insight information, such as their target market and which countries, such as the United States, they would like to expand their presence in. Overall, Saab is a is cutting-edge when it comes to military technology.