Redefining Media Evolution in Malmö and Beyond

Caption: Pernilla Lavesson, Media Evolution Community Manager in Malmö, Sweden

Media Evolution is an innovative company in southern Sweden. Pernilla Lavesson, the Community Manager, stated that Media Evolution is not a start-up, but rather a collaborative effort company. The company was founded in 2011, and its competitive advantage is a triple helix that focuses on collaboration with the community, universities, and regional organizations. Media Evolution “…fosters innovation and growth in the digital industries of Southern Sweden, through collaborating, sharing ideas, and knowledge.” Over 100 businesses are currently housed at the corporation. In addition, the firm published its own book, “Work is a Four-Letter Word.” The book focuses on the Media Evolution's conception, creation, and management throughout a ten-year period.

The company referred to itself as a “house” because they had the most up-to-date furnishings and spent a substantial amount of money on them in order to create a pleasant working atmosphere, as employees spend the majority of their time in the office rather than at home. Furthermore, the term “house” was used to create a sense of home in the workplace. If someone left their trash behind, for example, another colleague would pick it up. The company also housed a restaurant, and much thought was given to the restaurant layout and the food it would serve. Furthermore, each room is furnished with a different theme, such as the forest room. In contrast to the United States, the United States does not refer to the workplace as a “home,” let alone endeavor to create such a pleasant working environment.

Caption: “Work is a four-letter word” by Media Evolution, 2021 Publication

Finally, according to Media Evolution, Malmo is the fourth most diverse city in the world right behind New York, London, and Washington D.C. As a result, Media Evolution is projected to grow in the future. Media Evolution is not a startup company; instead, it leases space to other businesses. In addition, the company hosts a conference called “The Conference,” which is a multi-day event where people from many locations and countries can collaborate rather than promote the companies that are housed within the Media Evolution services and/or products. Digital trends are examined throughout the conference, and the organizers prefer presenting this conference in person rather than having a TED Talk because they want to develop personalization. The purpose of this conference is to put Malmo on the digital world map to thereby generate the growth of the region. Another interesting concept that Pernilla shared was that the conference has a “dine with new friends” portion where a small group of conference attendees are assigned a dinner location and encouraged to meet up with people they've never met before. The results are overall great for this part of the conference. According to the presenter, “We believe that collaboration is the future of business.”

Caption: Media Evolution Interior
Caption: Media Evolution room with red furniture
Caption: Media Evolution room with pink furniture
Caption: Dog in office at Media Evolution