Media Evolution

Media Evolution is a nonprofit organization that brings together the innovative tech agencies, the creatives, the big corps, the strategists, and the local municipalities. Their goal is to foster growth and innovation in the digital world. They do so by offering a platform with plenty of formats for sharing ideas, developing competencies, and innovation processes. The community consists of various industries that want to develop with those working on the digital front, to create collaboration they organize seminars, workshops, talks, and conferences as well as digital platforms,  hybrid meetings, webinars, and much more. Pernilla noted that they have had problems with intermingling and connections between different groups/ companies because the Sweden culture is less small talk and more of a blunt approach. Unlike in America where everyone participates in small talks and is more open to socializing they have noticed problems in that region, this is why they organize many forums for members to be able to communicate. Another interesting yet shocking cultural experience that shocked me and my peers is that they participate in group bathing events. Where annually they will all go to bathing houses as a workforce. To go with your team members and others in the workforce to a bathhouse was very shocking to me as there is a form of intimacy that is associated with those acts in America but over here they don't have those associations so these are seen as normal. 

Their flexibility allows members to either rent desk or regular office spaces and in turn, they get a great community that allows them to expand their networks. Those who move in are encouraged to become members of the community as they can reap the benefits of the community, members who are a part of the community receive 40% discounts while members who partake outside the community get a 25% discount. Their focus to achieve a work environment that creates a positive and productive workplace has allowed them to foster some of the biggest companies and allow states to grow and prosper in their community. They put importance on member comfort as they believe their workplace should resemble a comfortableness that one can find at home, therefore they purchase expensive yet high-quality furniture and products so that members can enjoy the services that are provided. 

When asked about their tenant qualifications and restrictions they mentioned that they were politically unbiased and allowed a majority of companies to move in without any restrictions. When asked about companies that were not allowed to move into the community they mentioned one of these companies was Saab as they produced weapons, they had a meeting in regards to their membership and they determined that their line of business would not have been a right fit and did not allow them to join the membership.