Malmö Money, Mo Problems with Office Space

Hello to the rainy little town of Malmö! As Sweden’s third largest city we had the pleasure of exploring the southernmost part of Sweden. We traveled to Lund, Smygehuk, and Skanör which all well illustrated the beauty of the souths’ culture. Here in Malmö, we had the pleasure of visiting a company called Media Evolution City. During our visit, we were introduced to the vast office spaces built by particular architectural design through an in-house designer. Media Evolution categorizes themselves as the creative industries’ center for innovation and development. Their main commitment is to supply companies with the tools for growth and development in their industry. 

At Media Evolution City we got to discover the idea behind the Scandinavian outlook on collaboration and co-working spaces. We met with Pernilla Lavesson who took us through the company’s community and various industries that work as members within their establishment. The “house” is composed of approximately 200 companies (100 on site), organizations, universities regions, and cities. A main focus for the company is to facilitate collaborations and interactions between small and large businesses. They believe that collaboration is the future of business and will promote growth. Media City organizes forums with seminars, workshops, talks, and conferences for companies. They aimed to build a place that encompassed the wants and desires from all their members. Three components they focus on is flexibility, simplicity, and low thresholds. 

Established in 2010, they have been housing a multitude of companies, facilitating growth through a collaborative work space. Many companies end up out growing the office space and move on to larger spaces as they work towards establishing themselves. The house was designed in a specific manner including transparent windows throughout the building. Each floor and section had a specific look and all consisted of the same office furniture, keeping it harmonious between companies in the office. 

Media Evolution City aligned with American coworking spaces we have back home. A well-known company we used as a comparison was the US company WeWork. Unlike America the Swedish owned company aims to facilitate growth and has rules regarding the dynamics in the office in order to accelerate development. From our comparison, Americans are much more independent and prefer to achieve their successes through their own means. Companies such as The Finnish Institute, Business in Sweden, Minc, and Media Evolution City are just some of the few establishments that support innovation and business in Scandinavia.