Innovation for the Future at Einride

On our first day of business visits in Sweden, we had the pleasure of hearing from Christofer Laurell, SVP, Research and Public Affairs at Einride, whose passion for the company was rather noteworthy. Einride is a freight transport company with big plans for electric and self-driving vehicles, referred to as “pods,” placing emphasis on “clean, safe and efficient ways to ship.” In various stages of development with contingencies on route complexity, Einride places a strong importance on data collection in order to optimize the best options and routes for companies. Currently operating in Europe with large players such as Coca-Cola, Einride has recently launched in the United States (2021), bringing General Electric and Bridgestone onboard, while also expanding their product offerings. We were able to watch a brief video introducing the “world’s first remote truck driver,” Tiffany, who has been driving trucks across the United States for about ten years. Tiffany’s new journey depicts a brighter future for her lifestyle and sustainability, and they hope that more truck drivers will feel the same. We also got to see a control booth and testing center for how trucks can be driven remotely – an incredibly futuristic sight!

The innovative essence of Einride is quite appealing to say the least, and there are huge opportunities for them in the United States. In March of this year (2022), the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), propositioned new instruction that would place stricter standards on new “heavy-duty vehicles and engines” beginning in 2027 in an effort to decrease pollution. The detailed plan is in alignment with President Biden’s Executive Order on, “Strengthening American Leadership in Clean Cars and Trucks” which would make sure that the large vehicles driving commerce in the United States are as clean as possible. The window could be wide-open for Einride to aid in the nationwide project of creating a path towards zero-emission vehicles in the industry.

Another prominent takeaway from Einride was their leadership style and overall company view on employee empowerment. Team members are encouraged to speak up and share their innovative ideas to workshop when possible, and they place emphasis on “kind-hearted people with relevant expertise.” While on tour, an impromptu meeting with Anna Carlsson, a former Chapman student who moved back to Sweden and currently works for Einride, took place. Anna was able to briefly share a bit about her career in communications, the flexible company culture, and more. Overall, the experience was quite eye-opening to the digitalization, electrification, and automation being developed and tested with sustainability in mind, and Einride appears to have a bright future ahead of them.

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