Green Trucking with Einride

On our first day in Stockholm, we visited Riksbank, the central bank of Sweden, and Einride, a tech start-up that has developed means to revolutionize the way we transport goods.

Einride is capable of completely changing our current system of moving goods across land. They make electric, autonomous “pods” that can carry a shipping container from point A to point B, as well as making electric semi trucks. Per the EPA, transportation accounts for about 27% of carbon emissions globally, and about 30% of that comes from trucks carrying freight. Einride’s system can reduce 94% of carbon emissions created by the current transport system. Their green aspirations seem to be very reflective of Sweden’s culture, which is something we greatly appreciate!

Einride doesn’t only make truck-substitutes, they also have a software platform that can optimize a company’s shipping. Currently, trucks are rarely filled to capacity, and often don’t utilize an optimal route. When Einride starts working with a company, the first thing they do is collect massive amounts of data for optimization. The possibilities for Einride to revolutionize the transport of goods is incredible. If they can be the Uber of cargo transport, utilizing their software for optimization across multiple companies by leasing out fractions of their trucks to optimize everyone’s shipping, the changes they can make would mean not only fewer carbon emissions, but less road wear-and-tear (and therefore less cost to repair and replace roads over time) and less waisted human capitol.

With changes in regulations, particularly in California, they have a lot of possibilities to expand. The California Air Resources Board set a rule banning “the use of all trucks powered by 2006 and older emissions-spec engines, with some narrow exceptions” ( This rule could be an excellent opportunity for Einride to swoop into the state and save the day, since this rule affects over 75,000 trucks. California also has a rule in place to ban the sale of new gas-powered passenger cars and trucks by 2035 ( As California tries to lead the way in reducing fossil fuel emissions, they are creating great opportunities for green companies like Einride.

We love to see the force of change for good behind Einride, and hope that others will attempt to mimic what they are doing to help protect our planet. We love how all of Sweden does their best to emphasize the environment in all that they do. While visiting local stores, we have learned that even the shops only purchase sustainable goods to carry! If more places in the US would embrace positive environmental change and kept a sustainable lens on while viewing their companies, the world would be a better place, and we might actually make a change with the climate crisis.