Honey, I’m Stock(holm)!

It has officially been a week since we left Sweden, and we are missing it every second! Even the rain, believe it or not. The different cities we visited were full of so much culture and beauty. We will all miss walking around the streets and taking in the scenery that the country has to […]

Swede Business Ideas

Sweden is becoming well known as an innovation powerhouse. But how is this possible for such a small country? When in Stockholm, we were lucky to visit Business Sweden, which is a consulting firm that helps with company expansion. Its mission statement is to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and […]

Goodbye Sweet Sweden- Business Sweden & Volvo and Volvo Group

Business Sweden established themselves by stating, “We are business developers with a unique mandate to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expend in Sweden.” The mission of the Business Sweden is to assist startup companies with the creation and expansion of the company. According to Cecilia Öberg Leiram, their mission […]


As our trip comes to end, we’ve had some time to really ponder the last 12 days in this beautiful country. One thing that really resonated with us about the Swedes is how they prioritize sustainability. They do this in every aspect of life, from how conscious they are when running a business to how […]

Different Mindset at Media Evolution City

While in Malmö, we were able to visit Media Evolution City. The concept for this space is to allow businesses of all different shapes and sizes to work together in one hub where creative juices are constantly flowing. The hope is that businesses are able to mingle with each other and bounce ideas off of […]

Sinch – Defying Odds Just Like the Bumblebee

We had the amazing privilege of visiting the telecommunications / cloud communications company Sinch at their headquarters in Stockholm. Here we were able to walk around the office space and get an inside look as to how the company operates. Tech companies are well known for their modern interior design and Sinch was no exception. […]

Swedish Innovation

On Wednesday, we had the privilege of walking through Media Markt’s flagship store in downtown Stockholm to learn how the store is run, consumer preferences, and how omnichannel marketing has helped accelerate Media Markt’s growth as it expands across Europe. We spent the tour listening to Lars Jungerth, marketing & e-commerce director, and Philip, the […]

Sweden-ing Up Social Media

One learning objective we were interested in through the course of this trip was how our social media was going to change as we moved from the United States to Scandinavia. Using geolocation and location-based data, social media platforms tailor their user experiences to what the user may be interested in, or promote local businesses […]

[Ein]Ride into the Future

Einride is a Swedish transport company based in Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in electric and self-driving vehicles, known as Einride pods. When visiting the company, we were able to learn about Einride’s motivation to create sustainable, environmentally friendly, and advanced technology to provide new job opportunities and create a game changer in the world of […]

The Future of Transportation

On the first day of our trip to Stockholm we had the pleasure of visiting Einride, a technology company with their sights set on innovating the transportation industry with their zero emission, self driving semi trucks. We were given a very interesting presentation from Christofer Laurell, SVP, Research and Public Affairs at the company. Overall, […]