[Ein]Ride into the Future

Einride is a Swedish transport company based in Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in electric and self-driving vehicles, known as Einride pods. When visiting the company, we were able to learn about Einride’s motivation to create sustainable, environmentally friendly, and advanced technology to provide new job opportunities and create a game changer in the world of autonomous vehicles and transportation.

Einride, while founded in 2016, has already made great strides in the world of technology and transportation, being the first autonomous electric delivery vehicle in the world to operate on a public road in 2019, along with being awarded as one of the most innovative companies in 2021 and a “Game Changer that could Change the World” (Einride, 2019). As a unicorn company, or a startup company valued at over USD $1 billion, Einride has had the opportunity for rapid expansion globally, of which includes three locations in the United States: Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; and New York, New York. Through rapid expansion, Einride is not only developing and innovating new ways to add sustainability to a new industry, but also providing new technologies to help make the world more sustainable. 

Einride's remote control system for its autonomous Pod.

Einride is committed to long term sustainability and positive environmental initiatives to provide clean, safe and efficient ways to ship. This commitment to sustainability is powered by a community and ambition-based drive to make these eco-friendly transportation vehicles. In creating its products, Einride is attempting to solve environmentally unfriendly problems, two of which include harmful fuels and road traffic crashes. Regarding alternative fuel, Einride revealed that they had tested several alternative fuel sources for their autonomous vehicles, and found that direct electrification was the most planet-friendly fuel source for Einride to combat the 7% increase in CO2 emissions, which is the top source of NOx pollution. Einride is also attempting to combat the 1.3 million deaths per year as a result of road traffic crashes by creating their remote pod operation, which not only minimizes crash fatalities, but also provides more job opportunities that allow truck drivers to navigate pods without ending shifts hundreds of miles away from home. In addition, Einride has partnered with several companies that are also working towards a more sustainable future. These partners include Oatly, who provides plant-based products; and SKF, a Swedish bearing and seal manufacturing company in Gothenburg that works on optimization, but now also works with autonomous technology. Einride has chosen partners that want to make the world a better place, and in doing so, they continue to promote sustainability globally, especially in a time of rapid expansion.

Einride’s motivations for developing and providing new technology to promote more sustainable products is solely ambition-based, with Einride employees working towards change over profit. And in similar fashion, rather than keeping their developments to themselves, Einride is open to sharing their knowledge with others to make the world a better place. By providing their knowledge where fit, Einride will pave the way for a healthier planet across the globe as pioneers in the industry.


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