Different Mindset at Media Evolution City

While in Malmö, we were able to visit Media Evolution City. The concept for this space is to allow businesses of all different shapes and sizes to work together in one hub where creative juices are constantly flowing. The hope is that businesses are able to mingle with each other and bounce ideas off of others surrounding them. Companies are able to rent out office spaces for long periods of time or just simply use conference rooms when needed. One of the common themes that I found from all of the different businesses we visited in Sweden was that they all like to share their ideas and creativity to promote success for everyone. This office space creates the perfect environment for that. The actual layout of the space was very open and light. Employees are easily able to walk around and chat with other companies. When given the tour, there was a lot of talk about the restaurant and coffee cart that are in the common area of the space. The hopes of including a restaurant is to make the offices feel as comfortable as possible. That way, employees want to stay and eat their breakfast and lunch there instead of leaving. All of this creates an environment for conversations and collaboration. 

One thing that was a bit different at Media Evolution City compared to the rest of the Swedish companies we visited was the way that the company prided themselves on the success of The Conference. This is a two day conference that brings in over 400 companies and thousands of participants encouraging networking and connection building. Speakers are able to share their processes and inspire large groups of people. The purpose of hosting this conference here is to put Malmö on the map in the digital world by introducing new technology on a global scale. Media Evolution City believes that collaboration is the future of business. That seemed to be a common theme in Swedish companies. The difference between this company compared to others is that they seemed to almost brag about their achievements from The Conference. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that a company should be proud of their hard work and celebrate their success. However, it was very interesting to hear the way that they talked about it compared to the other companies’ responses to questions about their success. Professor Myhr commented that naming it The Conference was a bit un-Swedish of them. This was the first company that we had visited that openly bragged about their success, which was very American of them. When we asked other companies about their success in their individual markets, a lot of responses were that they were just trying to contribute to helping the world or lead change in a positive direction. Media Evolution City instead took a lot of pride in their work and was not ashamed to admit it or talk about it.