Business Sweden

Business Sweden's purpose is to help Swedish companies grow their global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden. They have an array of offices which they utilize to their advantage when helping companies and startups expand. Their value proposition which allows them to reach potential for companies is to shorten their time to market, find new revenue streams, and minimize the risk. They are able to do this through the offering of their consulting services and their government-enabled services. Their consulting services consist of market expansion, sales acceleration, business to government, and business incubation & operations. Being that they are a government entity that is working for the Swedish people they have an array of connections with previous companies and with other connections they have set up in other countries. Their government-enabled services are the investment in Sweden's promotion, the technical trade facilitation, ecosystem growth program, and the business Delegation & events. Their continuous effort to further Swedish expansion and growth both abroad and domestically has led to great achievements in specific industries. 2021 was a record year for Sweden's tech ecosystem, they were able to raise a record €7.8 in 2021 which was up 2.4x. 

They are also key innovative hubs where countless of the world's most recognized companies have been produced. Within the last five years, they have produced 35 unicorns which is up from just 9, a 3.9x increase. 

Their intense efforts to help companies expand have paved Sweden to lead Europe's growth in Impact-focused startup innovation, in 2021 alone they raised over half of the country's venture capital funding. On the European level, Sweden leads by venture capital invested in impact startups. 

These impressive numbers can be shocking and raise questions on just how they can perform so well and outpace many other countries. On average they invest a little more than 3% into research and development, 0.8% of which is invested from public funding, one of the highest rates worldwide. One of Sweden's greatest contributions can be attributed to being an innovation powerhouse in its generous social welfare system. They also have access to free education, subsidized healthcare/ daycare, paid parental leave, and much more. This allows citizens to use their time efficiently to work on startups, come up with new ideas or expand their business while not having to worry about a burden on the cost of living. Overall reduces the entrepreneur's financial burden, encourages risk-taking, and creates a larger pool of talent.