AT4 Minutes with SAAB

On Tuesday May 31st, 2022 we visited Saab Group World HQ and had the opportunity to hear Lars Tossman (Director & Head of Business of Kockums / Member of Saab Group Management).

Originally, we remembered Saab as a car company so it was very interesting to see how they are now a an aerospace and defense company. Being able to tour a company like Saab was a great opportunity to not only learn about their operations but how they manufacture and sell defense weapons to over 100 countries across the globe. The exhibit showcasing their fighter jet, weapons and ammunition was fun to look at and Director Tossman did a great job of giving the context and background about the company.

In the beginning, we learned about Saab Kockums, the submarine division of Saab. We didn't know how lengthy and detailed the ordering, manufacturing, and operation of a submarine entailed and we had a great time learning about the different sub-sections of the underwater craft. Next, we had the opportunity to learn about GlobalEye, a multi-domain airborne radar that detects movement and vehicles over great distances over land and sea. It's amazing how Saab procures the technology that can identify movement like this through its active and passive sensors. After that we moved to the aircraft and weapon systems they manufacture and sell including the fighter jet, AT4 launcher and different kinds of rocket shells. For us, we've never been able to see these types of defense weapons or even model versions of them so we had a great time observing the details of each display.

Lastly, we wanted to talk about the marketing and branding of Saab. During the slide show and even the showcase videos, we noticed how they brand their defense technology as national assets of security for safety and security. We don't know much about the the manufacturing and selling of weapons & systems but like Director Tossman said, it's important to know how to market and brand the products especially ones in the military and technology sector. Saab really focuses their marketing on “keeping people and society safe” according to their company overview section. They also talk about their market offering consists of “broad and complex global systems that involve extensive research and development.” It was also really interesting to hear Director Tossman talk about building relationships with different countries and the diplomatics behind deciding which countries to sell to. We're glad to see that Saab recognizes global and humanitarian visions and how they sell to to countries that they trust. Overall, it was a great visit and we're looking forward to many more, exciting company visits! (: