ABBA-soluteley Innovative

We had the opportunity to visit the company Sinch today on this beautiful rainy day. Sinch is a cloud-based communication platform that sends people personal and interactive text messages from companies. Businesses can send out memos to customers using Sinch’s automated services. Some of these messages entail things such as reminders or confirmations.

Walking through the office space, it was very encouraging to see such a positive work environment and culture. The company has employees in forty-seven different countries. They also serve eight of the ten largest technology companies. Sinch touches every mobile phone on average one hundred times per year. They encompass a combination of strong management team comprised of founders and owners. With headquarters around the world, they are revolutionizing how we connect and interact with businesses.

The main theme of today’s visit was global communication through Sweden’s innovation. It seems that a common theme between Swedish culture is innovation. In the last blog post, we discussed our takeaways from the marketing lecture on the Swedishness of Swedish Advertising presented to us by Professor of Advertising & PR, Jacob Ostberg at Stockholm University’s Business School. Through both visits we saw a huge push for innovation within the country. 

The company’s main objective is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of bringing together people and businesses worldwide. This is a crucial factor to successful communication in the modern era. This is a very important company because a lot of companies are moving towards or are born in the digital age which puts them at the forefront of innovation. Sinch enables meaningful communication on a large scale, and is able to connect with their customers and audience seamlessly across messaging, email, voice, and video. 

At Sinch, they are transforming how people connect. They are doing this by transforming the connections between traditional text media. This technology company leverages conversations to drive innovation. They work to make every customer happy by providing personalized experiences customers love.