Estonia, A Digital Country

5th June, 2016, after getting off the boat to Estonia, we had wonderful day to discover this small beautiful country. This is the first time we been in Estonia, and like other countries, we had a lot of unforgettable experience and learned a great deal of new things in this city. Estonia has 45.227 square […]

“Keolis” & Public Transport in Sweden

Having supper happy night with live karaoke and amazing food on the second night at Stockholm, we keep moving on our journey to understand more about public transport systems. After a few days here, I learned that the public transport system in Sweden is very well organized and easily accessible with over a hundred metro […]

Keolis: Buses, Bussar, Les Autobus

A French company headquartered in a Swedish city where everyone speaks English. If that is not a picture of a global company I don’t know what is. The entire concept of what a transportation company should be parallels very well French business culture. Being early or on time is paramount and treating every customer with […]

Cruisin to Estonia

The broads abroad made it to Estonia from Stockholm via an overnight cruise with Tallink Cruise Line. To board the cruise ship we dragged our luggage down a long walkway which was very warm for everyone. After the long walk we went to our state rooms, which were quite small. We had two small “beds” and […]

Our wrap up of the amazing trip! :D

We cannot beileve how fast the trip has flown by. We are now sitting in the hotel café, reflecting on our company visits and what we have learned about competititve advantage in Scandinavia. A few themes that we have noticed as a whole is that many Scandinavian companies focus on corporate social responsibility, diversity, and […]

Farewell everyone~See you soon~

It was so cold and windy in Finland. Our hair was messy all the time. We noticed that in Finland, most taxies are Mercedes-benz. Comparing to States and Taiwan, most taxies are the lower price brands such as Toyota or Nissan. We think it is because the higher price cars are most european cars. In […]

Discovering Diversity in Scandinavia!

After visiting several companies around the three countries, Sweden, Estonia, and Finland. We recognized that diversity is an important aspect in the Scandinavian work place. Diversity is not only an important aspect of corporate culture, but in the Scandinavia culture as a whole. We have been aware that Scandinavian companies are very modern and progressive […]

Can’t believe that we are on the cruise !!

Now we are heading to Tallinn by cruise. The bridge led to the cruise was really long and it was tiring to carry our heavy luggages and walked for such a long distance!!!! During the long walk, we noticed that there was a small shuttle for the elders to get to the cruise. We  think […]

Last Company Visit – ResQ save the food wastage

Almost there! This is the last day of our travel course and we made the last company visit – ZenRobotics. ZenRobotics is a high technology company specialized in Artificial Intelligence controlled robotic system. It helps companies for startup. Currently there are four new companies there. Today we heard a presentation from one of these companies […]

Estonia and the E-lectronic Revolution

It takes a special kind of government to realize when their country has an opportunity to do something great for its current and future citizens. After the fall of the Soviet Union Estonia declared its independence and was left with a blank slate with which they had ability to create a system of government and […]