Super Excited!!!

Hi, everyone!

This is John & Adam and we’re super excited for this trip. We are hoping to learn a lot from this trip, especially the cultural differences in the business environment for the United States compared to Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. The list of companies that we are going to be visiting looks great and we are excited to see them all. We plan one exploring more of Sweden, Finland, and Estonia during the night life after we’ve finished our regular group sessions.

We are ready for a fantastic trip! Chapman Scandanavia 2016!!

John & Adam

Taking off!!

Hello Xin Chào Sawasdee,

Team 16-6 is here, we are more than ready for the Business Trip in Scandinavia



Hei!, my name is Swiss Pranootnaraparn, ignore my super duper long last name, you can call me “Swiss :)”. I’m 28 year old MBA student from Thailand!. I just finished my 1st year Full-Time MBA at Chapman several days ago. I got my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering back in Thailand. I’m so excited to visit every company in our list because I hope I can learn what technologies that they are using in their organizations and the Scandinavian organization cultures.



Hi there! My name is Trung and I come from Vietnam. I took my undergraduate degree of Electrical Engineering back in my country. After graduating, I worked in Automation Machinery for 3 years and then decided to go MBA at Chapman. The reason I study MBA because I want to start up business in my country after graduating and Chapman will be the best place for me to expand my business knowledge and help me achieve my goal. And also, through the Business Trip in Scandinavia, I hope I can learn and understand more about the cultures in global business.

Lastly, thanks to my brother’s picture, let’s enjoy our favorite “barley soda” with the amazing view from Switzerland together! Cheers!


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